Our Team

Anthony Gardiner (he/him) – Founder / Chef / Cleaner

Hi there. I am Anthony, the founder of the Fussy Dog Co. When I was a wee one my father was a chef, so by age six I was in the kitchen making biscuits and cakes – mostly for myself. When I got my first dog I started making food for him at home, with my friends often remarking that my dog ate better than them.

Fast forward a few years and when I lost my travel industry job due to Covid, I had to get creative in the kitchen again to get our R&D department (Cashew, Astrid , and Chewie) to eat a full meal. The instant gravy powder we made to get them eating again was a huge hit with our dogs, our friends’ dogs, and everyone else who heard about.

Having recently completed a masters degree gave me access to leading academic research to help refine our products, and also helped me build up the systems that have allowed us to scale to where we are today without losing any quality or compromising the founding ethos of the company.

Sarah Kerr (she/her) - Operations Manager

Hi there, my name is Sarah and I am the Operations Manager of Fussy Dog Co. Born and raised in Christchurch I have built up a great community of friends which includes the founder of Fussy Dog Co, Anthony.

Since the beginning of Fussy Dog Co I have been a big cheerleader of the company and was always asking for updates on how things were going. Then the opportunity came calling from Anthony to work within a company that I’m incredibly passionate about. The answer was a quick yes!

I have a background in administration roles in the science and environmental sector, starting as an administrative assistant and working my way up to executive assistant. I’ll be bringing my organisation skills and savvy admin experience to the Fussy Dog team to help keep the day to day of the company moving smoothly.

I don’t have a dog (yet…) but I do have the wonderful wee Alf man (Alfie). He is a big fan of the Fussy Dog Co products and enjoys the range of gravy on his biscuits. He even lets me brush his teeth with teefers and loves the taste of it!

Judy Wilkinson (she/her) – Brand Guardian

Originally from sunny South Africa, I spent 4 years in Auckland and have had the opportunity to work with some great kiwi brands. I recently relocated from Auckland to Christchurch, I now have my very own desk at FussyDog HQ – complete with motivational posters, Anthony’s background whistling and even my own desk plant.

I have a passion for all things pooch and it’s such a great opportunity to be involved with a company that cares so much about quality products for dogs. It’s any creative’s dream to get involved in projects they can truly believe in, and I’m sure that will happen for me some day. For now, I’ll hang at the Fussy Dog company!