Stinky Friends - 500g Bulk Air Dried Green-Lipped Mussels

Type: Gravy

New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussels are proven to be incredibly beneficial for dogs, especially those whose best zoomie days are behind them. As an added supplement to regular meals, or used one at a time as treats, these stinky little guys will help your dog to be happy and healthy.

Sourced from New Zealand suppliers and gently air-dried, then...that's it. We put them in bags and ship them to you. Absolutely no other additives, ingredients, or processing. And sent with free shipping NZ wide.

Sold in 500g bulk bags, these mussels are shipped in plain, impermeable packaging which can be composted at home. We recommend pouring the mussels into a big mason jar or similar (something with a lid - they are just as stinky as your dog wants them to be) when they arrive and putting the packaging in your green bin or compost straight away.

Each 500g bag contains between 320 and 350 individual whole mussels.