Teefers Natural Teeth Cleaning Powder

The Fussy Dog Co is different to other pet companies. Founded by someone who lost their job at the start of Covid and could no longer afford fancy dog food, every product made by The Fussy Dog Co is lovingly created to help people of all budgets make the most of the time with their dogs.

What’s all the fuss about?


Many dogs get tired of eating the same kibble at every meal. Many dogs are forced to eat flavourless special diets for their health. Many dogs hate having to take medication. And many dogs are just Fussy Dogs. These problems are all alleviated with Fussy Dog Instant Gravy. Simply mix a teaspoon with boiling water and pour over your dog’s usual meal to have them lapping the bowl.

Made from human-grade ingredients that you know and recognise, Fussy Dog Instant Gravy Powders are full of natural flavour and nutrients sustainably sourced in New Zealand.

Made with the good stuff


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