Turn every meal into a feast for your little pal, with Fussy Dog Instant Gravy.

Enjoy stress-free meals when your dog eats their food every time.

Now available worldwide, and with free shipping in New Zealand.

What's all the fuss about?

What do you do when your dog stops eating? How can you get your dog to eat their food when they refuse to touch it? This is a very common issue which can cause health issues for your little pal and a lot of stress for pet parents. This is especially true for dogs who have special diets prescribed by their vet - many of which are not as tasty as what your dog usually eats.

Made from human-grade ingredients including New Zealand Grass-Fed Beef, Greenshell Mussels, Skinless Chicken Breast, Steak & Kidney, Blueberries, and other delicious and healthy local ingredients, Fussy Dog Gravy will have your little pal lapping up every meal.

Simply mix with hot water and pour over your dog's usual food. Each jar makes up to 2.5 litres of gravy and will have your dog licking the bowl every time.

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